December 15, 2010
Letters, Maine

Infrasound is a real danger

Sun Journal, 15 December 2010

I visited a wind turbine site, and the actual sound seemed minimal. Most people would say that they didn’t know why anyone would complain about wind turbine noise, but it is really what you don’t hear that is the problem.

Wind turbines produce infrasound, a low-frequency vibration not detectable by the human ear, which can travel for up to 3 miles (sometimes even farther), depending on location and other factors. Infrasound enters homes and bounces around inside. It can even enter our bodies and bounce around inside us.

Short exposure to infrasound, even daily working around it, may be tolerable. But the people who live around it seem to become less and less tolerant of the infrasound from wind turbines, especially at night. The changes in the air at night intensify infrasound and it can become unbearable. Researchers are only just beginning to understand infrasound’s health effects.

Infrasound from wind turbines can cause sleep deprivation, irritability, headaches, a fullness in the ear, ringing in the ear, nervousness and other symptoms. Sleep deprivation alone has been proven to cause high blood pressure, mental changes, depression, diabetes, heart disease and mortality.

In order to keep infrasound out of a home, you have to completely seal the home up, which will, of course, be unhealthy and suffocating. So, the people living near wind turbines are forced to live with infrasound and all the health problems that come from it.

Heidi Emery, Highland Plantation

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