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Closing coal generators does not justify cost of wind turbines

Re: Fair or Foul (Dec. 11)

I live in an area where Energy Farming Ontario is planning turbines. EFO is partnered with Wind Works Corporation, a company listed on the New York Exchange and registered in Nevada.

EFO is joined at the hip with WWPW. But their public meetings with the support of the OPP and their own security have been met with diversion and robust opposition.

WWPW have negligible funds and have never explained how they propose to execute their plans.

Contrary to our provincial medical officer’s opinion, there is a Sick Turbine Syndrome. For example, 54 per cent of the people living near turbines suffer from tinnitus versus only four per cent in the general population.

Our government has predicted 46 per cent increase in electrical rates. Turbines will become a job killer as more factories must close and move to cheaper jurisdictions.

Emission from our coal generators is negligible because of the advent of scrubbers etc. Most of our pollutants come from the Ohio valley. Closing coal generators does not justify building turbines.

Setbacks need to be increased to 15 meters for every meter of turbine height and the noise restrictions must be reduced by 25 per cent.

Andy Harjula Cavan, Ont.