December 14, 2010

Viking opposition outweighs support

Hans J Marter, The Shetland News, 13 December 2010

Around seven out of ten people who have written to the Scottish government’s Energy Consents Unit oppose the Viking Energy wind farm project.

The Glasgow-based government department released its first estimate of figures on Monday night, on the eve of Shetland Islands Council’s long awaited meeting to form their own opinion on the most controversial issue the islands have faced for more than 30 years since the arrival of oil.

A spokeswoman for the ECU said they were still recording representations, but approximate numbers were 900 in support of the development, and 2,300 against.

Kevin Learmonth, vice chairman of anti Viking group Sustainable Shetland said: “The results so far speak for themselves. Roughly 70 per cent of respondents object to the project and around 30 per cent expressed support.

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