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Wind turbine concerns are legitimate

I am disappointed that Bruce Anderson dismisses Gary Carlson’s information as “anecdotal reports and case studies.” Has he actually looked at the evidence Dr. Carlson gathered? As for “recognized health authorities,” I take them with a grain of salt, for the following reasons.

First – I have seen a number of problems dismissed and ignored by “authorities” because their causes were not known (i.e., not included in the variables being studied) only to be acknowledged a decade or two later when the causes were finally identified and the solid evidence assembled. It is important to realize that, in science, if an effect has not been pinned down with a cause, that effect lives in limbo, and people tend to forget about the effect or ignore it’s existence because they don’t know what to do with it.

Second – authorities often have an interest in not acknowledging someone else’s problem.

Third – we do not have many years of experience living next to wind turbines of the size and structure now made.

Fourth – wind turbines by different manufacturers may well have different sonic frequency signatures, with the possible result that some give trouble and some do not. If the problem lies with sub-audible frequencies, how long have investigators been looking at those frequencies? A year? Five years?

So the bottom line is this. Some people living close to turbines have experienced health disturbances. If we site the Spring Creek turbines close to a few homes, and people in those homes experience problems, what are we going to do? Move the wind turbines? Or, tell the people, “tough luck; live with it or move.” We need sustainable energy. Better to do it right the first time.

Barbara M. Zaveruha
Bridgewater Township