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Wind power grows dirtier since export from Europe

The recent revival of the wind power industry in this country started overseas in Europe and has now found a niche in our Maine mountains. Instead of clean, it has grown dirtier on its way here.

“New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has opened a probe of two companies that develop and operate wind farms over allegations of improper dealings with public officials and anticompetitive behavior. Mr. Cuomo said his office has subpoenaed First Wind …” (Wall Street Journal, July 16, 2008)

Nothing earns more than a wind farm, said Edoardo Zanchini, an environmental campaigner who has investigated Mafia infiltration of the (wind power) industry in Europe. “Anything that creates wealth interests the Mafia.” (Canada.com, Sept. 15)

The lure of big money has corrupted many folks in our country and now in our state who have been in the position of power or in a position of enriching themselves with subsidies, and those same folks crafted the wind power laws and policies while the rest of us were sleeping. It is about time we woke up.

The industrial wind power industry, like a malignant tumor, is threatening the life of traditional Maine outdoor businesses, such as guiding for hunting and fishing and eco-tourism.

The only outcome – higher electric rates and loss of valuable and sensitive ecosystems.

I recommend to all who love Maine mountains to take many photos. Show them to your grandchildren and their children, who will never see for themselves what generations of us have taken for granted.

Greg Perkins