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More losses than gains

The more I read about wind turbines the more I don’t like them.

People need to get their heads out of the dark and see the big picture.

The wind farms are a scam, taking hundreds of millions from budgets – state, federal and county – and only giving pennies on the dollar back. Commissioner Davidson’s SIP package is giving them more.

If the lovers of this SIP deal would really take a good look at it, they would see the cities of Union and North Powder and schools are getting the shaft.

But then who cares as long as the officials get their cut or payoff.

County planners will not let cabins be built on Craig, but you can put towers to destroy the land and kill or run the game off. Now that is really being the keepers of the land. There is something wrong with this, but seeing the green of the dollar will change about anyone’s mind.

If people have a working, thinking mind, they would see more cons than pros in wind energy.

Oh, you say, look at the jobs it will create. I have, and I see more losses than gains in the long run, but then greed doesn’t care.

Don’t tell me it’s economics to subsidize wind turbines, hundreds of million a year just to get 10 or 20 jobs. It would be cheaper to pay 10 or 20 to stay home.

Wake up, people, this county is getting screwed big time by the small-minded non-thinkers we have in office.

If the turbines go on Craig, development will not stop there. Every hill in this valley will have wind turbines.

Think for a change.

R.L. Middleton