December 9, 2010
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Giant turbine to alter landscape

Lichfield Mercury, 9 December 2010

If you are dismayed by the height of the new railings around Minster Pool, you need to be aware of what else may happen in the environs of Lichfield.

This is the proposed erection of a giant wind turbine off Watery Lane which would be 124m or 388ft. This is 47m or 146ft higher than Lichfield Cathedral and will dominate the view on many of the approaches to Lichfield.

Lichfield District Council has opposed this structure but Severn Trent Water is appealing against the decision.

For those living by Watery Lane and Woodend Lane, the sight, sound and flicker of a giant wind turbine would be intolerable. The bigger the wind turbine, the more noise they make. This is a giant turbine.

To protect the public, laws have been passed in Scotland and Europe prohibiting a turbine of this size from being built within two kilometres of people’s homes. This proposal is for such a monster within 400 metres of local housing.

The views from and around Lichfield, Curborough, Fradley and King’s Bromley will be changed for the worse.

The historic cathedral would be dwarfed by the turbine.

The countryside would be changed as the lanes around Curborough will be ruined as the existing high hedges and tress are ‘trimmed’ (Severn Trent’s description) to two feet six inches to get the giant blades to the site.

This, in addition to the widening of the road, would change the look and wildlife habitat for years to come.

Wind power may well be required to help our electricity supply but these giant turbines should not be built where they impact so negatively on the lives of people living close by nor where they change so dramatically the character of our countryside.

The appeal meeting is at 10am on December 15 at the council offices in Frog Lane. Please do come along.

S L Arnold, Lichfield.

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