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Benefits of wind turbine won’t help Prospect

One wonders why we keep reading and hearing that 25% (and 85% on windy days) of Prospect’s residential energy consumption will be produced by the BNE Energy, Inc. wind turbine project proposal… I find this to be a very misleading statement as all the energy would be sold to CL&P through the grid and actually 0% stays in Prospect. This is not a direct benefit to Prospect…..Would you please check the facts before reporting a well-prepared marketing inference. So if I pay CL&P $100/mth now, I’ll still pay $100/mth if this proposal goes through, right?

By the way, my tax contribution to the town will likely appreciate over time (given no change in property values…but that’s another story) and not depreciate like this fixed asset, or equipment, tax valuation…So the $150k is the first year only and will decline steadily over the life of the equipment, say 10 years, right?

Jeannine Lavallee
Prospect resident/taxpayer