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Prove wind benefits

I have written two previous letters in which I asked the proponents and opponents of industrial wind energy development in Maine to come together and debate the merits of their respective positions on this important and controversial issue. Proponents have not responded to my requests. However, through substantial research, I have been able to educate myself.

On Nov. 16, the Morning Sentinel editorial staff presented a piece that extolled the benefits of industrial wind energy development, and asked Gov.-elect Paul LePage to support the industry.

I submit the following in response to these events.

I challenge the proponents of industrial wind energy development to present irrefutable evidence which supports their unsubstantiated claims on the benefits provided by these industrial developments.

I challenge the media to examine this subject in an unbiased and truly investigatory manner.

Gov.-elect Paul LePage is to be congratulated for taking a more pragmatic and far less self-serving position on industrial wind turbine development than did his two most recent predecessors.

Proposals to create industrial wind turbine developments in Maine have become the biggest scam to come down, or in this case up the pike, since “Dr. Doolittle’s Amazing Cure-All Elixir,” and they promise about the same result.

Therefore, to Independence Wind, First Wind, Patriot Renewables, TransCanada, Iberdrola, and all other proponents or developers of industrial wind facilities in Maine, I ask: Why are you not willing or able to provide undeniable proof that supports your claims?

David Small