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People of Ontario face to face with the Green Energy Act

Communities are waking up and getting pretty upset with the onslaught of wind and solar development in our area. People are realizing that wind and solar developers are quietly leasing or buying land surrounding their homes.

The people of Ontario are face to face with the Green Energy Act.

It has awoken the monster.

Under the Green Energy Act the province took away our rights to have a say in our communities. Nothing right about it, and nothing green about having your rights extorted in a free democratic society.

There are a host of issues ranging from health concerns, property devaluation, visual pollution of a pristine countryside, stray voltage issues, wildlife impact with these massive wind and solar developments.

Then you have the cost.

We pay approximately 12 cents a kilowatt. Wind and solar developers are being paid 62-84 cents a kilowatt by the province. The subsidies are massive, which is why you are seeing your bills going up and up.

Adding to that you have unreliable energy sources who’s reliability is 20%.

But you know, people could live with all that.

Putting it all aside the biggest mistake McGuinty has made is taking away the say in what happens in our own communities under the Green Energy Act.

Families with young children, retirees, farmers, people from all walks of life, some who have lived in these communities for generations, are now learning about the Green Energy Act.

And they are getting very upset.

The Green Energy Act will be revisited, and I suggest McGuinty do it sooner than later.

It’s too late for a new strategic plan to media spin this to communities as a good thing. Too many people have already been affected.

McGuinty is now up against families and they are realizing the many health risks being close to these developments.

A mother’s protective instincts are no match for this billion dollar industry, nor the will of the province.

This is our community. We live here.

The Green Energy Act takes away our say to plan these developments to minimize the impact on our community.

Mr. McGuinty, that won’t do. Time to sit down and talk with

This is not going away for you.

Ernest Horvath
Municipality of Meaford