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Not listening to wind farm opponents

Out of sheer frustration of our democratic process I contact you. A wind turbine project is proposed to be built within a kilometre of my home.

As a spokesperson for a group of over 300 signed residents who petitioned for a moratorium on all wind turbines, we feel misrepresented by our local MPP, John Wilkinson, the minister of the environ-ment.

It is ironic that this being an environmental issue, he has refused to address or respect our rights as cit-izens of Ontario and Canada.

After being invited to a public meeting in Seaforth in June 2009 with 400 people present and again on Sept. 16, 2010, with 700 people in attendance that disclosed the many follies of wind turbines, I sent him a letter asking why he or one of his representa-tives was not there to hear that information. I received no reply.

Again on Oct. 20 a request was sent to his office asking for a meeting to discuss the fears and con-cerns that his constituents have over the health risks that the wind turbines produce. Again no response.

Several other members of this group of worried citizens has contacted his office by letter and e-mail.No response.

I find it disrespectful that Mr. Wilkinson does not have the decency to reply to constituents’ concerns or the political respect of democracy to hear what the citizens of this country have to say.

If you cannot access your MPP, how can your voice be heard? I supported Mr. Wilkinson in the last election with pride and respect. I wish the same from him for his constituents.

I will not be fooled the second time.

Wind turbines cause major health problems.Wind turbines destroy rural community life –and I say that out of concern and respect for my fellow cit-izens. Democracy is not about ignoring and sup-pressing. Democracy is about listening and repre-senting. That is what I expect of my MPP.

Tom Melady, member of HEAT(Huron East Against Turbines) and member of West and East Perth Against Turbines RR 2 Dublin