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Crux of wind energy: What will it cost?

The Oct. 14 article “New Jersey lures wind-energy developers” left out the most important information anyone needed to know in order to assess whether this is a good strategy for the state: What is the cost?

All the article told us was that, at some future time, the BPU would add some unknown charge to cover the cost of these wind farms.

So we will become less competitive as a result of making these huge investments in unproven technology.

You gave this piece nearly a full page of coverage, and your reporter did not think to question the officials regarding these costs. This reporting shows a huge bias because it assumes wind power is good and, therefore, we should not question the cost, whatever it will be, because the cost is justified.

The reporter easily could have gotten the data on the sewerage plant system for publication. I’m guessing it is so bad the politicians did not want that info getting out because building them at sea will cost more.

We need competitive power for individuals and businesses here in New Jersey, not pie-in-the-sky technology that will raise everyone’s power costs.

Les Cadigan