November 11, 2010
Letters, Maine

Aliens in the western mountains

Daily Bulldog, 10 November 2010

A couple of weeks ago I went up on a mountain on the Dead River above Pierce Pond to check out an old trap line. I had sat up there many evenings over the years checking over my catches of beautiful marten and fisher that I had taken off the mountain before heading for home. The awe of the view of the on going mountains going to the Height of Land and the Canadian border has always been breath taking, especially so with the setting sun as a back drop. There has never been any thing more in the vista other than that which nature presented. Recent logging operations had caused the extension of an old familiar logging road, allowing me to drive out to a turn around where I could view this spectacle of nature from my truck.

As I sat there with my wife admiring what God had created in the oncoming evening, she said; look you can see wind turbines way over there on the mountain tops. They looked like a line of alien invaders marching across the face of the earth. I believe I counted 31 of them using my binoculars, with several more showing just their blades cutting in the back drop. I thought how horrible they looked. I then realized soon that they could also be behind us on the Highland, Lexington, and Concord Mountains laying to the south. As I thought of the view before me, I was deeply and emotionally saddened. I thought of my forefathers that had been hunting and trapping these grand old mountains of New England since the days of the French & Indian Wars. I think that they would feel the shame that I was experiencing on what man could do in just a short period of time to what took millions of years to create. Here was a view that only God could create being marred by man. What a shame.

Dave Miller
Lexington TWP, ME

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