November 10, 2010
Letters, Scotland

Refreshing honesty

The Shetland News, 10 November 2010

During Monday night’s BBC Radio Shetland wind farm debate a member of the audience raised the subject of the recent Lonely Planet rating for Shetland.

In his response, Chris Bunyan of the Windfarm Supporters’ Group read out a list of tourist activities, including off-road cycling.

He concluded: “We have to decide whether we want people coming here for off-road cycling or keep our leisure centres.”

Not only is this, at long last, an acknowledgement that the VE wind farm will negatively impact on tourism, but also an admission that we now have the grave choice of either the VE wind farm or a vibrant tourist industry.

I applaud Chris for his honesty, a far cry from Allan Wishart’s statement that under German law wind farms can be built as close as 500 metres from dwellings; a typical example of VE spin and half truths.

In fact, every federal German state has its own law, and the number of those specifying a distance of at least 800 or 1,000 metres is growing, bearing in mind that these regulations apply to turbines a good bit smaller than those planned for Shetland.

Rosa Steppanova

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