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Vote out Aubertine for backing wind power

The giant foreign-owned companies that quietly started invading our town about 10 years ago have now come above ground. We know who they are and where they’d like to put their 400- to 500-foot-tall towers. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions, like who has paid what when and who got on what boards in order to push these wind projects through.

The attorney general’s office is investigating problems in Cape Vincent, but I don’t think they are going back far enough. They need to also look at Darrel Aubertine’s June 15, 2006, letter to the Cape town board where Darrel encouraged the board members with wind leases that it was OK for them to vote on issues that would financially benefit them and their families.

Darrel Aubertine has been promoting our area as the new energy valley of New York. He even signed up to get wind turbines on his land. He wants to change this beautiful area into an industrial wind energy complex to produce electricity for downstate and New York City. In the state Senate, Darrel is even on the State Energy Committee. How convenient for him and all his friends with wind leases.

Please go to the following websites where you will see that industrial wind will not reduce pollution because you always have to have regular power plants operating as back-up power for when the wind doesn’t blow hard enough. You’ll also see that your taxes and electric bills will have to be substantially increased in order to pay the subsidies and benefits which are what the wind developers are really after. The wind developers don’t want you to know what is going on until it is too late. Please go the WindPowerFacts.Info, CROH.Info, PreserveTheGoldenCrescent.com, AWEO.org, WindFacts.CA and Jefferson’sLeaningLeft.

Clip this out and visit the hundreds of websites that talk about how bad industrial wind turbines are as neighbors and all the people who have already been harmed by industrial wind turbines. Do your own research and then vote Darrel Aubertine out for what he has done.

Cindy Grant