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Bees are vital

The UK government is funding research into the worrying decline in the numbers of pollinating insects, particularly bees, which has already resulted in a loss of revenue, decreased food production and increased prices.

Good sources of pollen and nectar are essential pre-requisites for their survival, with heather in this area providing a major source in late summer and early autumn.

Carmarthenshire County Council, to its credit, recognised the importance of the vast area of heather moorland on Llanllwni mountain some years ago and designated it a special area for conservation.

The Welsh Assembly Government has said it is in favour of concreting over this beautiful moor, to erect large numbers of wind turbines there, while completely ignoring the social and environmental havoc wrought by these monsters.

Wind turbines are not essential for the production of renewable energy, there are many more effective ways of doing this, whereas bees are vital for food production and the future of mankind.

These same short sighted politicians will shortly be asking us to vote in favour of giving them more law making powers.