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Moorland windfarm battle is looming in Todmorden

Environmentalists are gearing up to fight plans for an extra-powerful windfarm on the moors above Todmorden.

London-based Coronation Power wants to install five 125-metre high, three mega-watt turbines on Todmorden Moor.

The turbines would be 10 times as powerful as those at Coal Clough windfarm, on the moors above Burnley, and capable of providing enough electricity to meet the dom-estic energy needs of 8,300 homes.

They would be visible from both Burn-ley and Rossendale.

But members of Todmorden Moor Restoration Trust claim the site is unsuitable for a windfarm, fearing any such development would have a negative impact on the environment, geology of the site and supply of spring water.

A Todmorden Moor Restoration Trust spokesman said: “There is extensive documentation of experience of distress and discomfort from the noise from wind turbines, which would mili-tate against quiet enjoyment.

Over 50 households and farms are dependent on Todmorden Moor for their water supplies.

A detailed hydrological survey will be required to ensure that excavation and construction for anchorage of wind turbines will not interfere with spring water supplies.”

Calderdale Council has received plans for the windfarm.

Planning agent David Stewart said the windfarm would benefit the area.

He said: “The turbines are from a new generation of wind turbine design, when compared to the ones from 18 years ago in the UK.

“Many of these early machines, including the ones at Coal Clough, to the north of the site, were rated at around 300 KW, whereas the current proposal is to use machines rated at up to 10 times that amount.”