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It’s all about money

Have you noticed the mad rush to put up wind towers in Oregon? Have you wondered why it’s happening? It’s an easy answer: money. Specifically, taxpayer money supplying big profits to wind corporations like Horizon.

A 2007 Oregon mandate, the Renewable Portfolio Standard, has created an artificial demand for wind power. The RPS forces utilities to buy wind power even though wind does not add capacity to the electrical grid and requires an equal amount of conventional energy back-up due to wind’s intermittent nature. But, with massive government subsides and huge tax incentives for wind development we have a gold rush on our hands with zero benefit to the planet or taxpayers.

Industrial wind power does not benefit (and in fact harms) the environment, does not decrease CO2 emissions and raises our utility rates. So why are the towers being built? Same answer: money.

Industrial wind corporations have well-funded lobbyists steering energy policy and tax dollars right into their pockets. Where is the proof that wind turbines are green and reduce CO2 emissions? There isn’t any. According to the Cascade Policy Institute website, Bonneville Power Administration has stated that wind power actually creates CO2 emissions because wind is inconsistent and requires back-up power constantly at “idle” waiting to fill in the gaps. Two power plants required to do the job of one! In fact, two new natural gas power plants are planned for Oregon in the next five years as wind generation continues to expand.

Wind corporations like Horizon profit enormously from subsidies and tax breaks. We pay the price with lost tax dollars, lost livability, lost property values and lost wildlife. Become informed. The slick propaganda funded by Horizon is strictly for corporate profit. Wind farms don’t work.

Vote no to more wind farm devastation. Vote no on 31-75.

Sue Miller

La Grande