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Don’t threaten us with sanctions

Open letter to Natrona County Development and Planning, and Natrona County commissioners:

If I understand this letter you mailed to the Natrona County property owners correctly, you are attempting to keep the quality of life and property values in Natrona County at a good level for all current and future property owners.

Really! The county commissioners and you allow wind turbines to be built directly next to a subdivision which has obviously lowered the property values and has resulted in definitely lowering the quality of life for those property owners living in the area.

Where were your voices when the commissioners were ignoring the petitions and the pleadings of the residents from Sandy Lakes not to build the turbines? Why didn’t you voice your opinions then about your desire to keep the area property values up and keep the quality of life at an exceptional level? The worst-kept property in the area in no way will lower the property values more than the wind turbines have. You folks really need to wise up! Usually a public agency will get more cooperation from the people they serve if they are consistent in their policies and regulations. In case you don’t know, it boils down to respect for the agency. Obviously your credibility and the level of respect is at an all-time low in the Sandy Lakes/Cole Creek Road area.

Have you people completely gone crazy? Do you really expect the property owners in the Sandy Lakes Subdivision to actually take you seriously? You do not hesitate to lower our quality of life and decrease our property values, and then you expect us to believe and take seriously your attempt to threaten us with sanctions if we do not comply with your hypocritical requirements and statements. In addition you fire the only person (Linda) who even attempted to do a good job for the county.

Perhaps this action is just a veiled attempt by you and the commissioners to take vindictive actions against those people in the county who have had the courage to stand up against you and the county commissioners.