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Where’s the health impact assessment?

On Thursday night’s Radio Shetland Bill Manson assured the public on behalf of the Viking Energy project that the turbines have now been sited far enough away or in places which will not cause flicker effects.

He knows this as he could tell us that a Health Impact Assessment has been carried out.

The revised plan of sitings for the turbines is status quo at Weisdale, Kergord and Aith with the only change being the removal of one turbine. Health issues affecting people who will be living in close proximity to the wind farm have not altered one bit.

It is comforting therefore to know that a Health Impact Assessment for this wind farm has been carried out – the difficulty I have is that I do not know where I can read the results of the report?

In a previous correspondence with Bill Manson I was informed that I only had to direct any queries either to him in his role as chair of the board of directors of Viking Energy or either of the other directors, namely Alistair Cooper and Caroline Miller, to get a response.

This query is now directed at the named people and I look forward to a reply.

Evelyn Morrison