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Questionable tactics

With the exposure of alleged tampering of public documents within the Union County government between the planning department and Horizon Wind, it begs the question – what was in those e-mails?

The larger issue is Horizon Wind and some of its tactics regarding the potential Antelope Ridge Wind Farm. We continually see Horizon flinging money at every opportunity, such as the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, chamber banquet, Union County Fair and the Huckleberry Festival.

At a ballot measure meeting, a letter from Janie Burcart, attorney, was presented into the testimony. The next day, we found out that the letter was actually prepared by Horizon, given to Hanley Jenkins, who then gave it to Ms. Burcart to submit under her letterhead.

In 2009, Horizon Wind conducted a poll of Union County citizens. Now they are at it again. It’s not a poll this time. In my opinion it is a campaign attempt to spin the questionable job and tax benefits of the proposed wind farm with the hopes of swaying public opinion.

The pollsters have admitted that they work for Turnkey Solutions. Curiously, the number they are calling from is 541-526-0596, and registered to a Charles Durby of Redmond. When calling the number, you get a recording by Turnkey Solutions.

Horizon negotiates contracts with landowners and others where they require a confidentiality agreement keeping the other contract recipients from knowing what was negotiated. What are they trying to hide?

If a company offered you $5,000 not to complain about the noise from their wind turbines, would you accept it? This ploy to shut people up is being offered at another proposed wind project in Oregon. Will Horizon be offering this bribe to Union County residents?

With all these shenanigans, is Horizon Wind the type of business partner that folks want in Union County? You decide.

Dennis Wilkinson