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More turbines for wind farm

A developer wants to increase the size of the county’s largest wind farm by 60 per cent.
Developer Infinergy has submitted the first paperwork to add six more turbines to the Burton Wold Wind Farm near Burton Latimer.

The wind farm already has 10 turbines with the potential to power the equivalent of a third of Kettering’s homes.

Herbert Lindlahr, Infinergy’s project director, said: “As many people have said before, Kettering leads the way in renewable energy in the wide area and should receive praise for its commitment and its responsibility in meeting the UK’s renewables targets and making the green revolution happen.”

The development would be to the south of the wind farm, north of Finedon. The landowner already has permission to add seven turbines to the north of the site but is yet to start construction.

A further six turbines could provide enough energy to power up to
another 7,700 houses.

Mr Lindlahr said: “In Infinergy’s view, the southern extension would complete the Burton Wold Wind Farm, as known technical constraints will make further extensions highly unlikely.”

If Kettering Council approves the plans the wind farm could produce enough electricity to power up to 25,200 homes every year.

Tom Kelly, 73, who can see all 10 turbines from the back window of his house in Wold Road, said: “I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when they went up because there is no noise.

“I saw protesters coming down and getting out of their car and ask where is the noise? They were devastated to find there was no noise.

“I can say hand on heart I have no objection to them.”

Maureen Jerram, mayor of Burton Latimer, said: “We like our wind farm but we have got enough. Six more would be over the top.

“The ones we have got don’t cause us any problems but we have done our bit for mankind.”

Infinergy has submitted a scoping report, which outlines what surveys and studies will need to be undertaken to responsibly develop the extension to the council and other interested parties. The council is due to respond in the near future.

It will be a number of months until a full application is submitted.