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A response to last week’s report on wind turbine legislation

The report in last week’s edition of the Penasee Globe about wind energy and the moratorium contained a number of inaccuracies, some the Globe will correct in this week’s edition, and all together was a one-sided and misleading article. So much that I’m seriously wondering if it was more than just poor reporting.

The article used the word “several” to describe the audience members expressing their wishes to continue the moratorium. A more deliberate word would have been ‘most’ or ‘many,’ but, ok. However, the report fails to mention the number of people in the audience who spoke in favor of ending the moratorium, which was just one person, who the Globe did manage to quote.

The report fails to mention any of the many specific grievances against the current ordinance. For instance, it mentions the distance personal turbines have to be set back, but skips over the setback requirements for the industrial turbines, an issue that has been a major point of contention. Those 450 foot industrial turbines have to be 1,400 feet from your house, but only 600 feet from your property line. That means this could lead to up to 800 feet of your property being unusable and unsafe for you, essentially being stolen by somebody with a turbine. A possibility which this ordinance creates.

The report gave our township supervisor, who stands to make a gazillion dollars off these, a podium to spew his propaganda, which is fine, but it didn’t give the other side one. He asserted his opposition was just trying to zone the turbines out of the township. Well, back to the setbacks, you might wonder why they wouldn’t just make the distance uniform from property lines and from dwellings to avoid any property rights thefts. If they were to make the distance from property lines the same as dwellings, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of room for the turbines to come to this township. It’s not that anybody wants to zone these out, but that Reinart and his coalition of corruption is willing to steal people’s property rights, breach the township master plan and create health hazards to zone them in so they can get their turbine money. That’s the real story here, and it would be dutiful if our local media would give it a fair shake.

Nevin Cooper-Keel

Monterey Township