September 16, 2010
England, Letters

Sad turbine fight is lost 16 September 2010

I saw with horror, what I presume is a light on an anemometer for the Fullabrook wind farm, while camping recently at Georgeham.

We holiday in North Devon every year for the beautiful countryside and beaches. We knew about the wind farm but have been consumed by our own fight against two wind farms in The Vale of Belvoir.

We are fortunate both were dismissed at appeal, hopefully we are now free from this green economy scam here. Turbines are ruining our cherished countryside and instead of producing reliable supplies of electricity are lining the pockets of developers and landowners through subsidies, paid for by us through our electricity bills.

After three years fighting against what will be the called the biggest folly known to man in the future, I am not sure we will want to be reminded of it when we are on holiday.

My thoughts go to all those who fought and lost in beautiful North Devon.




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