September 16, 2010

Penkridge turbines: more pain than gain

Mike Lockley, Cannock Chase Post, 16 September 2010

The two wind turbines planned for land on the fringes of Penkridge will be 100 FEET taller than Big Ben.

Plans for the 420 feet high turbines, at Rodbaston College, were refused by South Staffs Council. But the company behind the scheme, Wind Direct, has lodged an appeal over the decision.

Speaking at last week’s Huntington Parish Council meeting, local councillor Veronica Downes spelt out her opposition to the scheme. She’s sent out 2,500 letters to residents, calling on their support in the battle to halt the project.

She said the pain to our area isn’t worth the gain from the turbines, which are higher than the country’s largest cathedral spire at Salisbury. They will produce only four megawatts of electricity.

Cllr Downes told the meeting: “If these were on a hillside or off-shore, where they would provide a decent amount of electricity, I would have no objection. This area of the Staffordshire Plain will generate very little electricity.

“You can see how strongly I feel about it.”

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