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Wind turbines are not helpful

Under the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme we, the consumers of electricity, are paying £1billion a year to subsidise this wind turbine industry.

These subsidies are paid by us the consumers in our electricity bills – without our permission and without our knowledge. Even the Public Accounts Committee has condemned these unfair subsidies.

Without these ROs no turbines would be built.

Is it any wonder that we hear that these monsters are being built in areas of even low wind speeds, as it pays the developers handsomely anyway despite the lack of wind.

And to add insult to injury this so called renewable energy costs us twice that of our conventional sources of energy and the more turbines built, the more we will pay.

It is claimed that these get rich companies can earn over £280,000 a year for just one wind turbine running at just 30 per cent its capacity. These subsidies are grossly unfair, will cause even more to suffer fuel poverty, will cause the destruction of our priceless uplands and mountains for miles around, destroy our quality of life, our tourist industry, our wildlife and cause havoc with people’s health and devalue our homes.

The Government believes, despite accurate facts and figures presented to them by those who are qualified in this field, that these wind turbines could provide thirty per cent of our power by 2020.

Any 12 year old could see this claim to be in cloud cuckoo land when we know that the 2,560 aliens already trashing our landscapes produce just 2.3 per cent of our energy.

Mr.Clegg’s party wants 15,000 more to be built and Chris Huhne, Lib Dem describes turbines as beautiful.

Where is the sense and where is the justice ?

Ceinwen Rees