September 14, 2010
Letters, Maine

Greed power

Bangor Daily News, 14 September 2010

What is wrong with the people in Maine? After years of carefully conserving the forests and bringing back wildlife, after cleaning the rivers and building fish ladders, after making the state a wonderland of outdoor recreation from hunting and fishing to skiing, hiking and camping, all of a sudden it is all being threatened by the erection of huge wind turbines.

Why? Because they come under the umbrella of “green, renewable energy.”

Ask yourself, how “green” is it when to create, ship (often from China) and install turbines, heavy equipment run by fossil fuels is required? How “green” is it to clear-cut hundreds of acres of carbon-absorbing trees for 35-foot-wide roads and the huge installation sites? Why are countries in Europe which have had wind turbines now dismantling them?

There are countless sites on the Web with good information regarding the blasting off of mountain peaks to make the 30-foot-deep foundations, soil erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat and statistics exposing the nongreen side of all this. Visit a wind farm that is under construction. Talk to people who live near existing wind farms.

Wind power is actually “greed power.” When the tax breaks, subsidies and grants are gone in 10 years, so will the big wind companies. Also gone will be the mountain peaks, the beautiful vistas, the wildlife and the tourists with their dollars. What will remain will be the ugly, rotting hulks of defunct wind turbines.

Kathy Giurtino


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