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Windsprawl in Maine

If the governor’s Windpower Task Force had such well-qualified members with such good intentions, how did their hard work result in such failure?

The mountains are not protected, bird and bat kills are deemed “not unreasonable,” wetlands may be filled and “mitigation fees” doled out. Scenic impacts do not even have to be considered. The corporate windsprawlers got their way on every point.

How did this serve Maine?

If these people were really concerned about carbon dioxide emissions, did they oppose the 16 new coal-fired plants started since 2008 or the 16 more near completion? Europe has shown gains in carbon dioxide emissions despite thousands of industrial wind turbines installed.

The exaggerations of windsprawlers must have been mixed well with public relations and promo people to dupe the whole Legislature too. Few even understood or researched the scheme before voting in favor of it.

It’s a monumental disservice to the people of Maine.

Mike DiCenso, Lincoln