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Wind energy plans must weather public debate

Let’s have an open discussion and debate about all aspects of wind energy, the good, if any, as well as the bad. Our leaders should be looking at more than just the tax dollars they are eagerly anticipating.

Why are our Republican leaders so willing to jump on board Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s windy dream? What will thousands of turbines and new transmission lines do to our landscape, our farm fields, our wildlife, our residential properties, our families and our children?

The next time you drive to Bay City, take a good look at the transmission lines crossing M-25 and then imagine that landscape filled with wind turbines. Is this what we really want?

The cost for wind energy development comes from our pockets via our tax dollars and our utility bills. No company would invest in these turbines if not for the perks – the tax credits, the carbon credits and the subsidies – or if it wasn’t mandated by tax and spend politicians.

The landowners allowing these turbines on their property will receive payments to ease the loss of precious agricultural land, increased utility rates and crop production decreases. Their neighbors, on the other hand, will pay increased utility rates while they watch the value of their home decrease. Given a choice, who will purchase a home next to a wind turbine?


Port Austin, Sept. 3