September 9, 2010
Letters, Vermont

Gargantuan wind turbines

The Valley Reporter, 9 September 2010

I didn’t come to this Valley in Vermont to stare at gargantuan wind turbines for the rest of my life. I have built a house in this Valley, spend all my vacations here, have dozens of friends from Europe visit me every year and plan to retire here.

Scientific research in Switzerland shows that the efficiency of these monsters is less than 50 percent while the destruction of the landscape and views is 100 percent.

We all have to live with the fact that we will never be able to cover all our energy consumption by alternative means alone. And, with wind turbines on our ridgelines, we are totally messing up the most beautiful landscape in the world (my opinion). Wind turbines don’t belong in a resort location like the Mad River Valley.

Fabio Schulthess

Switzerland and Warren, VT

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