September 8, 2010
Editorials, Scotland

We must draw the line somewhere

Banffshire Journal, 7 September 2010

Travel down the Deveron Valley on a beautiful day and the views can be quite stunning and peaceful – with each season having its own beauty to offer.

So it is not too surprising that the residents around Bridge of Marnoch have reacted with great concern at the proposal for three 275ft wind turbines at Mossford Farm.

They are quite rightly dismayed at the prospect, stating that the turbines would have a seriously detrimental effect, “dwarfing their important and beautiful surroundings” in an area Aberdeenshire Council has designated as having “landscape significance”.

Residents throughout Scotland have watched the rapid spread of wind farms in recent years, some in more apparently obvious locations than others.

However, the turbines now appear to be sprouting up indiscriminately. It is as if, because of Government policy, there is a bias towards rather than against them and that no sites are really sacrosanct.

Which is all rather strange since there remains no conclusive evidence that they can be justified on either economic or environmental grounds. Indeed, the arguments against them appear to be as persuasive as those for them.

Perhaps, the Deveron Valley is as good as any place to draw some kind of line in the sand.

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