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Not in their back yard

Re: “Peryam targets critic,” Sept. 2.

It is interesting that these people can say, “property values have not gone down.” No property has been sold. What has been on the market is still on the market. Perhaps the wind farm has rendered the properties in the area unsalable? This appears to be an issue of money and how politicians cram whatever they want down citizens’ throats for the greenbacks. Is this what is meant by “going green?”

I for one am appalled by the comments made by all the commissioners. I think Americans are fed up with politicians not knowing the meaning of fiduciary responsibility to their constituents. These people are not having to put up with those things in their back yard. What the hell do they care!

Why, if there is all this controversy, could the land not have been traded for something remote and out of a neighborhood? Besides, there is a lot of evidence out there that these windmills cause pressure on the wildlife. The area these windmills were put up is on the Game and Fish’s list of “critical winter range for antelope.” If these people who are supposed to represent us really wanted to work on a win-win situation, why didn’t they negotiate something that would mitigate the problem? If all of the homes in the location were given free power for having to look at and hear these monsters, perhaps the property values would not have been affected and people would be more willing to accept them.

I’m a concerned citizen that is getting pretty disgruntled regarding how the politicians target those who oppose their ideas and have no concern that they are taking our tax dollars as pay and are supposed to be working on our behalf. What would you do if they stuck something obnoxious in your back yard and wanted to target you if you tried to protest? Fire the whole bunch of them!