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Energy reading

Nick Dekker has checked the National Electricity Trading Arrangement (Neta) website which revealed how ineffective wind turbines are (Letters, 2 September).

This is the website that politicians and those who get subsidies would rather you did not see. A 2MW wind turbine gets a subsidy of £250,000 and a 3MW one gets £375,000 every year and is used to bribe landowners and communities and make developers rich.

There are 2904 in operation and a further 908 under construction.

More worrying is the fact that Britain will need 12,500 turbines to meet the ridiculous CO2 emission reduction targets.

Despite Scotland having only 0.2 per cent of world emissions our posturing politicians bragged that they had the best CO2 reduction targets in the world.

What they concealed was that a 42 per cent reduction on 1990 levels equates to a 61 per cent reduction on 2010. Impossible.

Wind power is a failed and costly experiment and is a futile environmental gesture that will ruin our economy.

Abolishing these subsidies would save each year between £1,200 million now and £3,600m in the future.

This should be invested now in research and development to more quickly find green alternatives to fossil fuels.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road