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Keep fighting industrial wind turbines

We find the recent debate about wind turbines very interesting and feel it should be syndicated so that other communities facing the same issues are not alone.

We would like to add our support to Arran-Elderslie and trust that they will “stay the coarse”.

It is fairly apparent that Leader Resources and other companies are really concerned about the bylaw, it must have teeth. Why else would they feel that they would have to go “all the way to the Supreme Court”, they are obviously concerned about the lower courts and the common sense that they might show.

Why will they not spend the money on (truly) independent studies pertaining to the health issues? None of the current companies in the game have agreed to this – do they know what the results would be?

Are the fees/rates that these companies will receive so high that “anything goes”. Solar comes to mind (at least there are no health concerns associated with them). When will the industrial wind turbines be clawed back to a more reasonable rate? Sure that would slow down there search for riches at the majority’s expense.

It is our fond hope that those 40 municipalities that have supported the motion come forward and show support financially to fight the appeal. As taxpayers in West Grey we would be very disappointed if our council didn’t anti up.

If the then Minister of Energy, Mr. Smitherman and the current government hadn’t been so cavalier and taken the rights away from local municipalities through The Green Energy Act we believe that a more conciliatory process would be in effect today. Heaven help Toronto.

To all those involved and those that should be involved “the fight must go on” there is too much at stake. The O’Briens