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Voters should shun Carney’s support of wind turbines

Are Delawareans foolish enough to elect John Carney to Congress knowing he supports a financial “loser” like wind turbine manufacturing and use in Delaware? The News Journal covered this idea on the first page of the Local section on Aug. 20.

If this idea made economic sense, industry would already be pursuing it. Among its crippling deficiencies are the high cost of electricity generated by wind (two to three times more than coal, even more vs. nuclear), the unavoidable (and expensive) requirement for back-up conventional power plants to produce electricity when the wind is low, the irrelevance of carbon fuel use to “climate change” (formerly “global warming”), which has been proven to be both slight and natural, the immense areas required for wind “farms” and the extensive kills of migrating birds (yet to be researched in the flyway off Rehoboth Beach).

Such a project is not sustainable nor economical, will drain more millions of taxpayer dollars (worsening our shaky economy) and should not be supported by Delaware voters.

William Day, Newark