August 28, 2010

Spaldington residents in last-ditch attempt to stop turbines 28 August 2010

Campaigners are making a last ditch plea for wind farm plans to be ditched amid fears they could get the go-ahead.

Crunch time has arrived for two controversial schemes to build 12 massive 126 metre turbines at Spaldington, near Howden.

The 11th hour appeal comes on the eve of East Riding Council’s planning committee considering plans for the huge development.

Objectors say the picturesque village would be sandwiched between the two wind farms, which would be within 600 yards of houses, if they are approved.

Planing officers are recommending the applications be deferred for agreements, including the setting up of a community fund to support local facilities and initiatives, with approval to follow.

Resident Heather Burton, from action group Spaldington Turbine Opposition Project (Stop), said: “These turbines are absolutely massive.

“They will be right on top of a rural farming community, towering over houses and visible from miles away.

“If the wind farms get the go-ahead, they will set a terrible precedent for similar schemes right across the UK.”

Campaigner are urging the committee to exercise the freedom they now have to make decisions in the interests of local people rather than speculative developers.

Stop chairman Richard Kettlewell added: “It is no longer a case of massive wind farm developers being allowed to ride rough shod over public opinion simply because they have the money to do so

“If both of the Spaldington schemes are approved, villagers will not be living near a wind farm – but in the middle of one.”

The planning meeting is at County Hall, Beverley, on Thursday.

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