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Don’t force wind power down other people’s throats

Recently the Honorable Judge Eric Lipman did a great job of taking testimony concerning the proposed wind farm for Goodhue County. He was very personable and made presenters comfortable. Many dozens of county residents gave their cocerns about noise levels, light flickering, stray voltage, health issues, property value loss, etc. All of these concerns were instantly dismisssed by a panel of company-paid “experts.” The only people speaking for wind farms live miles away in south-central and southwest Minnesota, where the population density is about one-fourth of rural Goodhue County. Several residents asked for a county-wide vote by the residents because in a democracy, supposedly important issues are settled that way. That idea fell on deaf ears.

Since renewable energy advocates demand wind energy, let’s have them only receive wind-generated electricity, especially since it is “free” (actually, it’s 2-3 times more expensive). That way, when the wind doesn’t blow (about 70 percent of the time), they will have plenty of blackout time to choose their next source of power, since coal burners and nuclear power are clearly not possible.

Their alternatives are hydroelectric (not in Minnesota!), solar (10 times more expensive), or garbage burners (too much carbon dioxide).

Or, they could build these beautiful wind farms only on their property, so they can enjoy their presence 24/7 for the next 20 years.

Don Buck