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Another call for public debate about wind power

What are the true numbers where wind power is concerned?

As a concerned citizen of Maine who has read extensively about the performance statistics of wind power, I feel that the public is being left in the dark on this issue.

Why are the very people who serve us so reluctant to spill the facts on the lack of effectiveness of wind energy? Could it possibly be that they do not want us to know the truth?

There have been reports regarding the poor performance of wind turbines in the news recently.

It is very troubling to me to see the way this is downplayed by most of the media; and how wind energy is pushed forward as the cure-all for Maine’s dependence on oil.

I don’t get it.

How is wind power going to help Maine’s dependence on oil?

In a letter on July 16, “We should have a public debate about wind power,” I read a challenge to Angus King and Jonathan Carter to debate the wind power issues in a public forum so that the questions citizens have may be brought to light and answered in a straightforward way.

I happen to know that Carter is very willing to debate King publicly on the issues of wind energy. Will King accept the challenge?

I think the public has a right to have the honest facts about the effectiveness of wind power.

What better way to get them out in the open?

Linda Miller

Lexington Township