August 12, 2010

Protesters gathering to campaign against windfarm transportation

Richard Jones, County Times, 12 August 2010

Anti-windfarm campaigners will stage a protest today (Thursday) when planners meet in Welshpool to consider the county’s latest application.

Campaigners fear heavy lorries carrying huge windfarm components to the site of the proposed Tirgwynt Wind Farm, near Carno, will cause serious problems to the town’s infrastructure.

Protesters will gather outside the meeting, which takesplace at Neuadd Maldwyn council offices in Welshpool, at approximately 1pm, waving placards against the plans.

Welshpool town mayor, Estelle Blevias, said the protest is the latest in a series of protests staged to highlight the potential problems. The last protest took place in Welshpool during a staged trial by windfarm companies last month.

“Protests have been going on for over a year now against the amount of windfarms planned for Montgomeryshire and the thousands of lorries that would be going through Welshpool and other place like Llanfair Caereinion and Cefn Coch, if they grant planning permission for sites like Tirgwynt ,” she said.

“We believe that this would cause a huge amount of damage to the tourism industry.

“And it’s not just windfarm sites but the number of lorries carrying cement and turbine parts as well as workers that would cause damage to the infrastructure of our towns.

“We are also very worried that these big loads will cause total traffic blockages in the town that would mean emergency vehicles couldn’t get through.

“This could be the case for anything between three and 25 years if these plans go ahead.”

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