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Incumbent approves cram-down of wind projects

In mid-July my opponent, incumbent Rep. Harold Naughton Jr. (D – Clinton), alone among area state representatives, voted to oppose House Bill 4687, a bill that would have required town election voter approval of proposed local wind energy project sites.

Instead, he voted to place wind energy project siting discretion in local wind energy permitting boards given only 120 days to review wind energy project proposals that are often complex and problematic.

We know that such permitting boards will be subject to the usual lobbying and influence peddling, activities to which Mr. Naughton has given his seal of approval. His vote paves the way for placement of unsightly wind turbines all over the lovely hills of Boylston, Northboro, Clinton, Lancaster and Sterling. He again has demonstrated his utter contempt for constituents’ wishes and best interests. He should be voted out of office on Nov. 2.

James Gettens

Republican Candidate for State Representative

12th Worcester District