April 8, 2010
Letters, New York

Turbines spin buyer out of Wyoming County

The Daily News, thedailynewsonline.com 5 December 2009

I was visiting in this area, looking to possibly relocate to what used to be such a beautiful region of the State of New York, when in disbelief, I crested the hill into Wyoming County and saw these ugly, skinny, towering metal structures looming before my eyes.

They littered the countryside, and instead of being able to focus on the beauty of upstate New York in Sheldon, I could only stare in disbelief at the foreign objects that had been obviously dropped from the sky by some invading aliens.

Aliens would have to be the source of these eyesores, because intelligent people of this area could not knowingly have allowed such ugliness to distort their views of this countryside.

I have changed my mind, I will not be relocating to this area.

Ann Young

Akron, Ohio

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