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Cost of wind power ‘scam’

You report (22 July) that the 152-turbine wind farm in South Lanarkshire will supply 320,000 homes. At a wind speed of 14mph, what will the 280,000 homes without electricity do? At a wind speed of 12mph, what will the 300,000 homes without electricity do? At 10mph, what will the 320,000 homes without electricity do?

Burning Issue (21 July) revealed Friends of the Earth’s flawed philosophy for a green future. Vehicle biofuels will be provided by other countries while we specialise in micro-generated wind and solar power in a country where the sun shines infrequently and the wind fails to blow at the correct speed for continuous production.

Rather than admit a fossil fuel-free future will not be a replica of today’s consumer society, FOE is promoting a fantasy world of electric cars and green consumerism where life goes on as before minus a few trips to Lanzarote.

Livingstone Place
Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire

The Scotsman

22 July 2008