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Keep windfarms distant

I live in a quiet rural property approximately 500 metres away from the proposed 410ft industrial wind farm at Sheephouse Heights on the Stocksbridge/Penistone border.

A primary reason for objection to the development is the anticipated noise from the turbines and the potential health impact on my family.

During the past few years the adverse health impacts of siting large industrial sized wind farms too close to properties has been researched by doctors and scientists. Symptoms have been found to include headaches, sleep disturbance and deprivation, migraines, anxiety and depression due to the pulsating, throbbing noise at night.

So why, when other European countries have minimum separation distances of 2km, do developers in this country continue to risk the health of communities by placing them so close to houses? In Denmark, where turbines were introduced 30 years ago, the government has stopped building onshore turbines because of the noise.

First, the wind industry has been encouraged to set its own standards on noise levels.

Second the council cannot afford independent noise experts to either make or monitor tests.

Clearly, noise is expected by the developers who have offered the incentive of triple glazing to those properties ‘most affected’.

So why not have a minimum distance of 2km? A German turbines maker recommends they should not be sited within 2km of the nearest housing. UK Noise Association recommendation is one mile from the nearest property.

The wind industry claims a minimum distance would reduce the number of sites available .

Government policy clearly expects our community at Sheephouse Heights to sacrifice not only the peace and tranquillity of our homes but our health too.

Do you live within 2km of a proposed industrial wind farm? If so, go to www.countryguardian.net and find out more or contact Protect Sheephouse Heights Action group at www.prtotectsheephouseheights.co.uk

Pauline Groobey, Juddfield Farm, Juddfield Lane, Penistone.

The Star

15 July 2008