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Cape Elizabeth considering wind turbines

Soaring energy costs have prompted Cape Elizabeth residents to follow the lead of several other Maine towns and look at the benefits of wind power.

The town council is looking at two proposals that would allow wind turbines. The first proposal would allow smaller turbinse for residential use; the second would restrict the turbines to only town owned properties.

Alan Lishness has owned a wind energy company for more than three decades and says he has seen the benefits first hand. “What it would do is diminish the requirement to continue to buy fuel year after year, it takes out the fuel cost,” said Lishness.

All but one person at the public hearing on the issue stood up in support of the proposals. Bill Downes believes wind energy is unpredictable and not cost effective. He says he is a proponant of renewable energy but that wind is not the right answer. “For the most part people sticking in their turbines makes them feel good, but they’re not saving any money and they’re gonna find out what they thought was a four or five year payback is gonna be 20 years, if that,” said Downes.

The council has agreed to hold a workshop on this issue on July, 28th. At that time they’ll discuss all the public comments and concerns raised at the meeting.


14 July 2008