July 11, 2008
Nova Scotia

Wind energy project halted; Canso councillor skeptical

While the town of Canso votes to decide it’s future, one of their renewable energy projects has potentially hit the skids.

Councillor Fin Armsworthy says Mayor Ray White called him Wednesday morning to inform him that the rezoning of land for Invert Energy’s five wind turbines needs to be reviewed again at the next council meeting.

Armsworthy notes that a big concern of his is that the project was supposed to bring in $35,000 for Canso’s budget next year.

He says he remains optimistic the project will move forward but believes it won’t happen this year.

“We haven’t made any progress with this council whatsoever – I don’t think, on the wind energy. Now to bring ut the though that the $35,000 was going to be in our town coffers for next year, I’m very skeptical of that because I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Land owned by both Canso and Guysborough County was recently re-zoned to accomodate the project.

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11 July 2008

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