July 10, 2008
Letters, Scotland

Wind farm bird mortality hushed up in Scotland?

Sir,—Re Thomas Brown’s letter, Greatest threat to birds is man, July 5, he asks: “Do we have proof that wind turbines are such a threat to birds?”

Well, yes, we do. In California alone, 20,000 raptors have been killed by them, including 2300 golden eagles, and 100,000 other birds ( Developing methods to reduce bird mortality in the Altamont Pass wind resource area, Dr Smallwood & K. Thelander, August, 2004, and other evidence).

He also comments: “Birds are not stupid.”

Neither are children, yet we would never allow a school to be placed along a highway, would we? Accident victims are not, by definition, “stupid”.

Mr Brown finishes his letter saying the biggest threats to birds are “poisoned bait, the gun and illegal traps”. This may be true, but does it justify dismissing new threats when they appear?

Bird mortality at wind farms is presently being hushed-up in Scotland.

According to a letter from SNH, which has been leaked and is now available on the internet, eagles disappeared or have been killed at wind farms such as Beinn Ghlas, Beinn an Tuirc, and Pabay: the website address is www.iberica2000.org/Es/ Articulo.asp?Id=3744.

Mark Duchamp.
Birds & Windfarms Research Manager.
Iberica 2000,
Partida La Sella, 25,
E – 03750 Pedreguer,

10 July 2008


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