July 10, 2008
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Disappointed and alarmed over wind turbine answers

I suspect most protesters, myself included, are in favour of green energy but the wind has to blow and needs traditional power to cover its potential output.

So why bother to spoil a unique landscape and risk noise and health issues?

There are other methods like tidal and geothermal which are much more reliable.

More encouragement should be given for energy saving in the home and production of one’s own green energy by using solar panels.

I attended the information day given by Scottish Power at Billingborough and was disappointed with the responses I had and alarmed at some of the information which came out.

I was told that there is no guideline from the local council as to the the minimum distance a turbine should be from a dwelling.

When I suggested that SKDC had given a 2km guideline, I was told this was for visual impact only.

I did a rough count and there are 29 homes within this zone and the middle of Billingborough is only 3km away and Pointon 2.3km.

I am concerned that the construction traffic for four months would be coming from the A52 through the middle of Billingborough, past the school, negotiating parked cars by the Co-op and Post Office and down the single track Sempringham Fen road.

This area is a mini-nature reserve with ancient hedgerows and wide grassy margins and is the site of an ancient fort and the Roman Car Dyke adjacent to the Z-bend they are talking about straightening.

When I highlighted some buildings on the map where I was concerned about them being too close I was told they were only farm buildings and they were suprised when I told them I knew the people who lived in the house there.

I was told the power would be taken out via wooden poles to the south and Dowsby. Others were told it would go west via Billingborough.

On the whole I thought Scottish Power was either trying to fudge over issues or had a lack of knowledge.

Either way this is most concerning with a major investment of £16m which will have an incredible impact, not only on the local area but the Fens in general, if allowed to proceed.

Stewart Chester

Sempringham Fen

The Bourne Local

11 July 2008

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