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Picturesque countryside ‘will be destroyed’

The picturesque North Devon countryside will be destroyed by the Fullabrook Down development, say protesters.

Residents, who have spent up to 12 years fighting plans for a wind farm, say they are devastated at losing a planning appeal, blaming the failure on Government targets.

John Blackmore, of Bittaddon, said: “This is a licence for the wind turbine developer to print its own money.”

His wife Elizabeth added: “I was on the original team fighting plans for a wind farm here 12 years ago.

“After all these years of fighting to protect this beautiful countryside, I cannot believe it – it is tremendously sad that they are coming to Fullabrook.

“I blame the Government as they are pushing for all these things which are totally wrong. They couldn’t care less about North Devon.

“These things will be seen from miles away and the input from wind turbines is pathetic.

“I am appalled and very disappointed.

“People don’t like them, visitors don’t like them and they will be devastating for people in the holiday business.

“I have been running a caravan club and mobile home let for 35 years and it is a big worry that this development will reduce the number of our visitors.”

Heather Reeves, at West Down Post Offic,e was collecting letters on behalf of the action group CAWT – Campaign Against Wind Turbines.

She said she received a lot of letters and a lot of money was given to fight the cause.

David Barnes from Hore Down is part of the CAWT group and part of former committees created to fight previous applications.

He said: “I have said all along that I think it is all to do with subsidies of money and all about Government targets.

“We are told turbines are 32% efficient – I reckon it is about 24%. This wind farm is going to desecrate this part of North Devon and will undoubtedly affect the tourist industry.”

He said there were many far more efficient methods of creating energy.

Margaret Thomas, who lives on the outskirts of West Down, added: “We have been fighting it for a long time and all of us around here feel we have the thin end of the wedge – we don’t want them at our back door.

“Numerous people have been fighting the plans and are all very disappointed. We were hoping it may have gone away, but with all the Government changes, we were afraid it would become less likely that we would win.”

Western Morning News

3 July 2008