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Wind firms ‘a barrier’ to other green power

A family forced to move home because of the noise generated by a nearby wind turbine have given evidence to the House of Lords.

Jane and Julian Davis were plagued by sleepless nights when they lived close to the wind farm at Deeping St Nicholas and eventually moved out.

They were recently told that their house was unmarketable and now live in Spalding.

They documented their wind turbine nightmare and sent evidence to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, which is investigating the economics of renewable energy.

In their submission the couple blame the wind energy industry for creating a barrier to the greater use of green power.

They said: “The behaviour of the wind energy industry, whose tactics to succeed at any price, promotes the impression that there is something unsavoury about wind farms in the first place.

“Therefore, in our view, the wind energy industry has only itself to blame.

“People generally do have a genuine concern for their environment, both locally and globally, and do appreciate the need for security of energy supply.

“However, because these wider concerns are used tactically by the industry, they leave individuals and whole communities subsequently feeling that they have been disenfranchised, beguiled or even duped.”

They detailed how their sleeping patterns were destroyed by noise generated from the farm and how their case is now being looked at by the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The House of Lords Committee will consider the evidence of Mr and Mrs Davis along with a host of other submissions while looking at a series of issues surrounding renewable energy.

# The Davis’ submission has been temporarily removed from www.parliament.uk while amendments are made.

By Andrew Brookes

Lincolnshire Free Press

Spalding Today

1 July 2008