June 30, 2008
Northern Ireland

Turbine solution may be in sight

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is continuing to seek a satisfactory solution for farmers who have installed faulty wind turbines under the Wind Energy for Rural Businesses project. The UFU says the farmers involved have suffered unacceptable practical and financial problems and an urgent solution is needed.

The UFU highlighted that from the outset of the project, the Powerbreeze Wind Turbines installed on the farms have never operated satisfactorily and for some time the Union has questioned whether they are even fit for purpose. UFU Technical Officers have been working with the farmers, trying to obtain a satisfactory outcome, but they have been frustrated by the slow pace of progress.

UFU President Graham Furey said, “We are now thankfully reaching a stage where a solution may be in sight. DARD are now actively looking at options that will hopefully prove satisfactory to the UFU and the farmers involved, who to date have incurred considerable expenses without any return. It is totally unacceptable that farmers were encouraged to enter a renewable energy scheme and were then left unsupported when things went wrong”.

The UFU President stressed the importance of having a good outcome, as this is needed to restore confidence in the farming community before any further wind energy programmes are undertaken.

Meanwhile the UFU hosted a meeting in Headquarters between Environment and Heritage Service; Northern Ireland Water and farmers from County Armagh who have seen the Closet River, which runs through their land, unacceptably polluted by human sewage from a nearby treatment works. This is another issue which the Union is totally committed to reaching a satisfactory outcome for our members.

Farming Life

30 June 2008

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